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"We are playing with things that disappear..."

- Henri Cartier-Bresson


Folio - ID

Hi there and welcome to my portfolio. Im a professional photographer an filmmaker based in Belgium. If my work grab your attention and you find what you like please contact me and we setup a chat.

Born and living in Antwerp and love to work abroad. Former smoker, image maker of people, beautiful and ugly. Lover of cinematic black and white photography and video. Growing up in a family of sculptors and studied design and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Lier, Belgium. I started with models portfolio video and wedding same day edit in 1998, since then I think people forget your name but they will never forget how you have given them a good feeling. And actually, this is all that counts, so I stop thinking and don't wait to follow what feels right in my heart. Wy? Because the time my brain catches up and realizes what happened it will be to late...